Five Burn To Death In Multiple Accidents

[caption id="attachment_2548" align="alignleft" width="400"]Accident scene Accident scene[/caption]

Five people died in an accident involving two beer-carrying trucks on Monday evening at LASU-Igando expressway, in Lagos. One of the trucks, it was said, rammed into the other which was stationary. The impact of the collision sparked an inferno, which licked four other vehicles in which the casualties were. The intervention of officials of the National Emergency Management Authority, NEMA, prevented the inferno from causing more damage than it already did. While the actual cause of the accidents could not be immediately determined, eyewitnesses gave two versions. While a version said one of the trucks was being pursued by some policemen on patrol before ramming into the stationary one, another said the stationary parked on the expressway was responsible.

A landlord in the area, Nayeju Samuel said residents have severally complained and have reported the haulage company, which own the trucks, to the Police, but nothing was done.

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