Hold DSS Responsible For Terror Suspect, Ogwuche’s Release, Not Police – PPRO

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The Nigeria Police has washed their hands off the bungled trial of Boko Haram terror kingpin, Aminu Sadiq Ogwuche, claiming they never arrested, interrogated and arraigned him. Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Emmanuel Ojukwu, in a statement he issued Thursday, accused the media of imputing it bungled Ogwuche’s trial and, thereby, misleading the public.

The Police said it merely heeded a request by the Department of State Security, DSS, for the suspects extradition to Nigeria after he was reported to have fled to Sudan. As customary, the Police said, an extradition charge was filed against the suspect to facilitate a formal request from the Sudanese authorities for Ogwuche’s release. The Police further explained that upon Ogwuche’s extradition to Nigeria, the DSS, obtained a court order to remand him for an initial period of three months, in line with the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

The Police said the DSS, afterward, liaised with the Attorney General’s office to enable it prosecute Ogwuche.
"For the record, at no time did the Nigeria Police arraign the suspect in court for terrorism related offences. Moreover, the purported prosecution/arraignment by the Police could not have happened as the Police could not prosecute a suspect it never arrested, never investigated nor had in its custody,” Ojukwu said.

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Ojukwu stated that it was “grossly erroneous, mischievous and malicious to impute lack of diligent prosecution to the Police,” and enjoined the media to do diligent check before publishing.

A retired senior police officer and one-time Commissioner of Police for Lagos State, Abubakar Tsav, had blamed the rivalry between the Police and the DSS for the bungled trial of the terror suspect. Tsav said the it was counterproductive for both law enforcement agencies to “ fight for supremacy rather than inter-service cooperation.”

Aminu Sadiq Ogwuche is accused of masterminding the bombing of Nyanya motor park, which killed over 80 people, last April.
The case against him was struck  out by Federal High Court judge, Adeniyi Ademola, lack of diligence of the prosecutors.

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