North Korea Frees Two Americans

releasedKenneth Bae and Matthew Todd Miller, two Americans detained in Pyongyang, North Korea have been released through a diplomatic network led by high-level officials of both countries.

Bae, 46, a Korean-American missionary, bagged a 15-year sentence with hard labor, two years ago, for crimes against the secretive state, while Miller, 20 plus, was convicted on an espionage charge last April. The latter was given a six-year hard labor sentence.

Details of the release say Pyongyang sent a message to Washington requesting a high-level official of President Barak Obama’s government to negotiate the release of the two men. The responsibility fell on the shoulders of Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who had no inkling the detainees would be released to him on first visit. But Pyongyang surprised the American government by releasing the men, and three weeks after a similar release comes of an American held by North Korea. Bae and Miller touched down at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington DC, to warm embrace of their families. The gesture has shown rapid rapprochement between Washington and Pyongyang, which has been under intense pressure over its missile testing. A statement by Pyongyang claimed President Obama apologised for the conducts of both men. The American government has neither confirmed nor denied the apology. It is believed Pyongyang may be hitting a high political stake playing up the purported apology from Obama - most powerful president in the world.

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