US Mid-Term Poll: Republicans Wins Majority Seats In Senate

Obama (m) casting a vote
Obama (m) casting a vote

The Democrats Party senate losses in Arkansas, Colorado, Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia handed rival Republicans substantial victory in the United States mid-tem election. Republicans secured the required 51 seats to control the US senate, signposting a tough time for President Barak Obama’s remaining two years in office.

The State of Iowa was the decider for the Republicans with majority seats in the100-member chamber. While the party retained some seats, it wowed watchers by snatching from among retiring Democratic senators fresh seats. The results, as speculated, may engender a ripple effect with the House of Representatives election. Although, President Barak Obama is not a contestant, the election was more about his policies low-ratings. Many Americans are disenchanted the economy has merely snarl than effectively improving. Many young voters were reportedly lack-lustre, believing their votes would don little to change the tide of the predicted win.

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