Winners Chapel Pastor In Wife-Snatching Mess

.Jilted Husband Asks Oyedepo To Intervene

An abandoned husband,  Ifeanyi Kenneth Okpoko, has  petitioned Bishop David Oyedepo, founder and General Overseer of Winners Chapel, asking him to order one of his pastors, Reverend Kelvin Ugwuoke, to leave his wife. Dated 13 November 2014 and titled "Case of Adultery, snatching of My Wife and Secret Marriage/Engagement", Okpoko alleged that Ugwuoke has secretly married his banker wife, Blessing Ifeanyi Okpoko, in Dubai.

[caption id="attachment_2770" align="alignnone" width="400"]Okpoko and Blessing Okpoko and Blessing[/caption]

According to Okpoko, he discovered that his wife contracted another marriage while still living with him through photographs taken at the alleged wedding ceremony. He confronted the wife with the allegation and showed her the photographs, after which Blessing moved to Ugwuoke's house at Prime Water View Estate, Lekki, Lagos. To cover up her alleged misdeed, claimed Ugwuoke, Blessing filed a divorce suit at a Lagos High Court. He also alleged that Ugwuoke and Blessing have been using the police to harass him and that at a time, he was detained in prison. In addition, Okpoko claimed that Ugwuoke and Blessing had dated in Kano before the latter dumped her to marry another woman.  Okpoko married Blessing in 2001. Okpoko stated that signs of strain in his marriage to Blessing started showing in April 2013 when Blessing, an area manager at United Bank for Africa, informed him that she was going to Dubai on official assignment. According to him, Ugwuoke, a risk manager at Mainstreet Bank, joined her in Dubai, where they formalized their relationship. On Blessing's return from Dubai, alleged Okpoko, her conduct changed, as she started picking one quarrel after another.

[caption id="attachment_2773" align="alignnone" width="400"]Blessing and Ugwuoke Blessing and Ugwuoke[/caption]

He would later stumble on the information of her new marriage and the photographs taken at the ceremony. Okpoko is also alleging that the collapse of his marriage as well as the fact that Blessing took away his children have left him traumatised. "Sir, I have been subjected to mental and psychological trauma just to force me to untimely death. Ironically, they are ministers in your church, which calls for your intervention" he stated. He also attached photographs of pictures taken by Ugwuoke and Blessing both in Nigeria and Dubai.


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