BREAKING: Australia, New/ Zealand Celebrate 2015 With spectacular Fireworks

[caption id="attachment_3670" align="alignnone" width="400"]In typically dazzling fashion, Australians have greeted in the New Year In typically dazzling fashion, Australians have greeted in the New Year[/caption]

Kiribati may be the first place in the world to actually witness the start of the New Year, but the small Pacific island can't compete with the way they celebrate the event down under.

As Britons stock up on booze whilst dithering on where to go at midnight and ultimately settle on the worst choice, New Zealand and Australia welcomed in the New Year with amazing fireworks displays as celebrations begin around the world.

Sydneysiders may be miles away from the rest of the world but they take being one of the first major cities in the world to celebrate New Year particularly seriously, with 1.5 million people crowding Sydney harbour to watch fireworks erupt over the city's famous bridge and Opera House.

This year the Australian capital saw 12-minute tropical-style fireworks display with gold and silver palm tree pyrotechnic effects.

With the celebrations occurring just a few weeks after a man held 18 people hostage in a cafe in Sydney, a tribute to two hostages killed in the siege was displayed on the Harbour Bridge's pylons and an extra 3,000 police officers patrolled the city. Over in New Zealand, a giant clock on Auckland's Sky Tower counted down the minutes until the New Year, with a huge fireworks display launching at midnight.

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