Haiti Prime Minister, Lamothe, Resigns

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Laurent Lamothe, Haiti's prime minister, has resigned along with several ministers following violent anti-government protests and a commission's call for him to step down. He was appointed in 2012 by President Michel Martelly.

In a speech on Sunday, Lamothe said he was leaving a better country than he met it.

"This country has undergone a deep and dynamic transformation and a real change in benefit of its people," Lamothe said, and added he was leaving "with a sense of accomplishment".

Although President Martelly accepted the Commission’s recommendation to replace Lamothe, many protesters are demanding he equally step down. Opposition groups are accusing Martelly of returning Haiti to dictatorial rule based on his refusal (Martelly) to conduct elections since 2011.

Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince has seen a growing number of violent demonstrations in recent weeks.

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