Sultan-led Group Blames Jonathan For Boko Haram Attacks


Jama’atu Nasril Islam, JNI, a coalition of Islamic organisations in Nigeria, headed by the Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar, has accused President Goodluck Jonathan of culpability in the incessant Boko Haram attacks. A statement issued by JNI’s Secretary General, Khalid Aliyu, said it had become a trend for such attacks to escalate anytime the emergency rule lapsed or an extension being sought.

Kano mosque bombed
Kano mosque bombed

“Why is it that any time, the ineffective State of Emergency is about to elapse and or an extension is being sought, attacks are carried out with sophistication; But must blood be spilled to justify the extension of State of Emergency?” the statement said.

The group queried the huge budgetary spending on counter-insurgency and concluding that “Nigeria is being misgoverned to the Brink!”. JNI condemned “these repeated acts of terror being unleashed on Muslims” and enjoined Muslims to be calm and vigilant.


Read JNI’s full statement below:


JNI will not be deterred nor cowed in observing the way and manner Muslims are being killed in Nigeria, particularly the North. Therefore, we are indeed shocked and pained beyond words over the news of the bomb blasts in Kano Central Mosque, which claimed the lives of over one hundred innocent Muslims (only Allah, can ascertain the total number of death toll) that have gone for worship and within a twinkle of an eye sporadic shootings ensued targeting worshippers that tried escaping the inferno. In a similar day, precisely Friday, 20th of January, 2012, several coordinated bomb blasts rocked Kano, yet no body was prosecuted and nothing is done to protect the lives of the citizenry. kano mosque 2

But must blood be spilled to justify the extension of State of Emergency? Why is it that any time, the ineffective State of Emergency is about to elapse and or an extension is being sought, attacks are carried out with sophistication? Are we really aware of the repercussions of spilling the blood of innocent souls? What is the essence of the Government’s War on Terror and its attendant huge budget? Where are the Intelligence and Security Agencies? Can we afford to continue relying on them for our safety and security? Why? Why? Why? We ask ad infinitum with no satisfactory answers. Without mincing words, Nigeria is being misgoverned to the Brink!

JNI condemns in the strongest term, these repeated acts of terror being unleashed on Muslims and calls on Muslims to remain calm and keep vigil over happenings around them, take all defensive measures within the purview of the laws to protect themselves since government has clearly failed.

We deeply sympathize with all the affected victims of the recent MaiduguriMonday Market Bomb Blast, the Mubi attacks and the Kano Central Mosque Bomb Blast and also console the families of those who lost their lives in the unfortunate incidents. May Aljannatul Firdaus be the abode of all the deceased, Amin.

As usual, JNI calls on all authorities concerned to be manifestly committed to their responsibility of protecting the lives and properties of Nigerians as no development can be achieved in a situation of fear, insecurity and chaos. All hands must be on deck to stop these persistent massacres of lives and properties, as Nigeria is now a theatre of needless blood loss.

All Imams and their respective followers are urged to intensify special prayers, because according to the Prophet (PBUH) “Prayer is the weapon for the believer”. Therefore, prayers like HASBUNALLAHU WANI’MAL WAKIL AND LA HAULA WALA QUWWATA ILLA BILLAH, AND INNA LILLAHI WA’INNA ILLAIHI RAJI’UN, among others should be repeatedly recited as much as one could. Likewise we reiterate the previous directives of His Eminence, Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, on AlQunuut for peace and security to be restored in Nigeria. Respective Mosque Management Committees must be strengthened to handle all eventualities, likewise Muslim communities.

May Allah, The All-Mighty, The Compeller, The Supreme, and The All-Knowing, bring an end to this scourging evil, put to shame the perpetrators, uncover their evil plans and grant us lasting peace, security and a promising future full of happiness and development, Amin.

Dr. Khalid Abubakar Aliyu



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