We Are Happy Celebrating Christmas, Schooling In America – Escaped Chibok Girls

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Some of the abducted Chibok school girls, who escaped from the captivity of the Boko Haram sect, in Borno State, are said to have been resettled in the United States to continue their schooling. This was announced via a video report by the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, according to the Punch.

The report says the girls are sheltered in  Virginia, U.S. by a Nigerian Christian mission couple. The couple, based in the U.S., were reported to have sought support funds for the girls schooling and have offered the girls a two-year scholarship to continue their secondary education. In the said video, the girls said their relocation to the US “is beautiful”, while a particular girl expressed happiness to spend Christmas without fear of attack from the sect.

“Last Christmas in Nigeria, we were afraid to stay in church for too long because we were afraid Boko Haram might come and attack us and we didn’t go around visiting people like we usually do. This Christmas, I am really happy,” the girl said in the video.

The elated girls, in the said video, wore tee-shirts bearing an inscription: “Please help rescue 219 abducted Chibok girls.”

Another girl, Mercy Paul, who was said to have been enrolled in a boarding school in Canyonville, Oregon, U.S. was quoted to narrated her escape to NBC News. “I jumped,” Paul said, “not knowing if I would be able to walk or whether I would die,” the 18-year old said.

Paul prayed the terrorists repented from their deeds and turn to God.

“In the Bible, God says that He can talk to people, even in their dreams. I pray that they find that God is forgiving and merciful and that they stop doing what it is that they’re doing,” she said.

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