10 Ways To Boost Your Sexual Appetite

There was a time when you used to un-dress in front of your husband or talk seductively to your lady love. But that time has passed. Now, you're more likely to say 'honey! Not now, maybe some other time,' and you're not alone. Many others can join this club, because work and stress catch up with everyone and a decrease in libido is guaranteed. To help you re-kindle that dying spark in love and your sex life, ten steps through which you can increase your sex drive is listed below.


Deal with stress instead of ignoring it: Stress is the biggest cause for low libido action. Ban stress from your life by opting for ways to tackle it. Different solutions work for different people. Some feel de-stressed with some great rounds of exercise, others need to mellow it down and count breaths while meditating or practising yoga.
If 'not finding time' is a common reason behind your inability to find space from stress, then know this: If you don't rectify the situation now, it will only spiral out of control. Loans, children's schooling, kids' college years, gossip-mongering colleagues, you need to prioritise what is stressing you out. Then, deal with the things you can, and ask for help with the things you can't. Stress is usually unavoidable when you've let it fester for too long. Meeting stress head on and fighting it will help you develop a positive outlook in life and give you that all-important feel good factor; this will make you more sexual and attractive to your partner.
Touch, hug, feel : All physical touch does not have to lead to sex. Allow your partner to give you a sensuous massage to replace that mundane moisturising routine. Or simply hug as often as you can. The skin-to-skin contact will boost your oxytocin levels, which will make you more relaxed, when you go closer to your partner.
Get kinky : In case you've forgotten how to do this, simply indulge in what worked for your partner and you back in the day. Call each other and talk dirty during breaks. Hint at what special surprise awaits him/her in the evening after work. Perceived stimuli works excellently in leading the libido to some quality time.
Don't stuff your stomach : Try to avoid large meals, if you plan to have sex. Eat at least an hour before, so that you are comfortable and not overly stuffed and lethargic in bed.
Play 'Chinese Whisper' : Whisper seductively in your partner's ear. Whisper about sexual turn-ons, romantic experiences, sexual experiments, desires, whatever comes to mind.
Light up your room :Decorate your room with lights and play soothing romantic music, to create the mood. Then give your love a good back massage to de-stress him/her after a tiring day at work.
Shower together : Bathing together is a great way to increase your sex drive. Try creative shower ideas, by filling the bathroom with a soothing scent or dive in the bath tub together.
Caressing : Caressing has the full power to turn on your partner immediately. While kissing your partner use your hands to caress him/her. Kiss your partner's ear lobes, eye lids and other parts to get them in the mood.
Role Play : You can arouse your partner by indulging in some flirty games. When harsh life gets in the way, sometimes, it's okay to simply make believe and be someone else within the safe confines of your bedroom. Have a sexual fantasy you've wanted to play for a long time? Now is as good a time as any other. Share this fantasy with your partner, and get cracking!
Socialise with peers : This may come as a surprise, but the more you interact with others, the higher are the chances of your libido kickstarting again. Socialising with your peers makes you feel young again, and leaves you with the same feelings of want and desire you once had as a younger person.

Source: times of India

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