10-Year Old, Four Policemen Killed By Robbers In Army Uniforms

The devilry of some bank robbers led to the deaths of four policemen and 11 others in Ikare Akoko, Ondo State, on Tuesday. The robbers, carrying sophisticated weapons and dressed in army fatigue, attacked the affected bank at about 1pm. The robbers, also said to have driven in two vehicles coated in army colours, killed the four anti-riot policemen on watch and a 10-year old girl.

Eyewitnesses said about six people were shot dead by the robbers on the bank premises. The robbers reportedly blew the bank’s vault with a dynamite and held the town under their spell for four hours.

The comment by the Police Public Relations Officer, Wole Ogodo, could have meant the state was left unprotected due to President Goodluck Jonathan’s visit to the state on the same day. Ogodo responded to a Punch inquiry, saying “We have been busy at the airport because the President is on his way from Ekiti to Abuja.”

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