Address Nigerians On Baga Massacre, APC Tells Jonathan

The All Progressive Congress Presidential Campaign on Saturday urged President Goodluck Jonathan to speak to the nation on the massacre in Baga town, described as single most deadly incident since the  unfortunate insurgency started in the country by the Amnesty International.
 The APC Directorate of Media and Publicity for presidential campaign said the PDP dwelt on its presidential candidate's academic certificate of its candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, while neglecting pressing national issues.
The statement by the party says: “This government should not go on being insensitive. They have to be accountable to Nigerians. The issue of certificate of General Buhari is a non-issue as everyone knows that Buhari is a product of Daura Primary School, Katsina Provisional Secondary School (now Government College, Katsina) and the Nigerian Military Training College. This is in addition to several other courses he attended at home and abroad.”
The statement said further that “while the PDP government has failed in its duty and responsibilities to the citizens and the nation, they have intensified effort to pull wool over the eyes of Nigerians.”
The APC said a statement by PDP's Governor Babangida Aliyu of Niger State, in which he said lies must be told in politics showed the antics of the party.  
“Unfortunately, PDP has become a political party that is so fixated with keeping an incompetent government in power and is lustfully engaged in pursuing a non-issue about an individual’s academic qualifications,” the statement said.

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