AirAsia Black Box Found

Indonesian divers have recovered the  black box flight recorders of the AirAsia plane, which crashed in the Java Sea two weeks ago, killing 162 people aboard.
Head of Indonesia's search and rescue agency, Henry Bambang Soelistyo, four divers brought the data recorder to the surface Monday morning. Soelistyo said they would continue to search for the cockpit voice recorder, which would help relay conversations between the pilot and the control tower prior to the crash.
Leading to the discovery divers had noted intense pings from the plane's beacons, but could not go further down due to strong currents and blur visibility.
The recorders were found at a depth of 30-32 metres. There wull be certainty as to what caused the crash, especially as it was earlier put down to a stormy weather.
The tail of the plane, with its red AirAsia logo, was lifted out of the water on Saturday using giant balloons and a crane.
It was brought by tugboat on Sunday to a port near the search headquarters, at Pangkalan Bun town on Borneo island.

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