Beckham’s Accidented Car Goes For £42,995

David Beckham’s crashed £80,000 Audi RS6 which was written off in an accident seven weeks ago has been put on eBay for  £42,995, half the price the former footballer paid for it.

[caption id="attachment_4248" align="alignnone" width="400"]The written off car The written off car[/caption]

The silver Audi was left mangled after the former England captain was involved in a crash after picking up eldest son Brooklyn from Arsenal’s training ground at London Colney in Hertfordshire on 29 November.

Both David, 39, and his 15-year-old son walked away from the crash with minor injuries and were later driven away from the scene in another car. However, the former Manchester United midfielder’s crashed Audi has now appeared on eBay and is listed as an ‘ex-celebrity’ car for £42,995.

The eBay listing, which appears to have been posted by a scrap dealer based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, described the motor as a ‘highly desirable sports car’. Pictures on the auction-site listing show the dented panelling on the vehicle and the car is described as having ‘damage to the driver wing door and suspension sill’.

The listing also claimed the car has only covered 3,000 miles, boasts of it being ‘top spec with all the optional extras’ and claims it has ’21 alloys plus much, much more’. It also described the vehicle as having a roof upgrade, a sound system, diamond cut leather interior and a sat nav.

It came after the vehicle was deemed a write-off and sold on to the salvage market after suffering extensive damage to the driver’s side in the crash. Beckham reportedly suffered a shoulder injury in the crash, which is also believed to have involved a Mitsubishi Colt Coupe Cabriolet, while his son escaped relatively unscathed.


The crash came as Beckham drove away from Arsenal's training centre having watched his eldest son play for the club’s Under-16 side against Brighton.

At the time, several people took to Twitter to report having witnessed the crash.

One Brighton youngster, Archie Davies, wrote: ‘Just seen David Beckham looks like he got in a car crash and hurt his shoulder.’

The teenager later added: ‘Star struck by seeing David Beckham tbh. (sic)’

And team-mate Thomas Cadman thought the whole episode was utterly surreal, adding: ‘Weird to play against Brooklyn Beckham earlier. Even weirder to be currently stuck behind David Beckham as he has crashed his car.'


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