Buhari Will Do More For South-South Than Jonathan – Ex-Militants

A former militant leader, acting as spokesperson for his ex-militant colleagues from Edo State, Godwin Ogidigba, has said Muhammadu Buhari, the All Progressives Congress will do more to uplift the Southsouth region than President Goodluck Jonathan.
"Our brother [Jonathan] has failed in those issues; our brother has failed to take us away from poverty, our brother has failed to bring development to the Niger Delta region," Ogidigba stated.
He also cited the parlous state of the region as evidence of the Jonathan government negligence. 
“Just take a look at most of the Niger Delta communities. They still remain where they are, in spite of the fact that we have one of our own at the top, at the helm of affairs, nothing positive has changed in the region," he averred.
Ogidigba said the region requires "Somebody who can stand and develop our region, that should be our interest and that is our interest." - which the group has found in Buhari.
He also blamed Jonathan for the flipflop of the Amnesty Programme designed to reorient ex-militants from the region.
"It is true that President Goodluck Jonathan is from the South-South region; he is our brother", he affirmed, "he has not been able to improve on it [amensty], which means that the amnesty programme stopped."
Ogidigba lauded MEND for endorsing Buhari, who he said is not preferred above Jonathan because of "religion or ethnicity but centred on their desire for unity in the country."

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