Canadian Sets New World Tattoo Record With 4,500 In Eight Hours


A tattoo-obsessed man has broken the world record for the most tattoos at one sitting, sitting through more than 4,500 piercings in eight hours.
Matthew Menczyk, 30, endured as 4550 surgical needles pierced the skin of his arms and back, smashing the previous record by an impressive 650.
Menczyk endured hours of agony and bleeding to claim the title of 'Most Surgical Needle Piercings in One Session'. Body modification specialist, Russ Foxx, carried out the record-breaking session in Vancouver, Canada.
Foxx, 32, from Vancouver, said: 'We decided to not just beat (the record)....but to destroy it.' He added: 'It was a very long day, but we managed to achieve a current world record.
'The most painful part for Matthew was removing the needles. We were taking them out by the handful to be quick
'I was biting things, punching things but I endured and it was all for a good cause!'
The tattoo fanatic claims he is already planning on breaking another record next year.

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