Contraceptive Injections Have High HIV Risk – New Study Says

Women who use contraceptive injections are at great risk of contracting HIV, a study by Lancet Infectious Diseases Journal says.
The research, involving 12 studies conducted on more than 39,500 women, showed that contraceptive injections more than other forms of hormonal contraception, including oral contraceptive pills, is a high risk factor for contacting the virus.
The report stated that contraceptive injection-taking women have a 40 per cent risk liability than women who use other contraceptive methods or none at all.
The authors of the research said the  risk increase is moderate and does not justify outright withdrawal of the injections. According to an Epidemiologist, Lauren Ralph, “The moderate elevation in risk observed in our study is not enough to justify a complete withdrawal of DMPA for women in the general population. Banning DMPA would leave many women without immediate access to alternative, effective contraceptive options.”
“This is likely to lead to more unintended pregnancies, and because childbirth remains life-threatening in many developing countries, could increase overall deaths among women,” she added.
Statistical records claim about 144 million women around the world use hormonal contraception - 41 million of them use the injectable forms while 103 million take the oral contraceptive pill.

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