Dead Man Resurrects, Says He Saw Michael Jackson, Pope John Paul In Hell Fire


A man, Kwadjo Peter, who claimed to have died and resurrected, revealed he saw pop star Michael Jackson and Pope John Paul in hell fire. Kwadjo, a Ghananian, claimed to have spent one month in the life outside earth. Kwadjo said after he was dead, he started flying and became angry that family and friends did not respond to him whenever he called out to them. He claims he even tried holding his one-year old son by the hand, but couldn’t. Thereafter, a bearded man took him through a narrow path and he was shown the Biblical hell fire, with Michael Jackson and Pope John Paul trapped in it.

Kwadjo claimed he actually died and was buried. He say he collapsed  during a football play with his friends. He said they rushed him to the Begoro Hospital, where he was pronounced dead by a doctor, and his body deposited in a morgue. Kwadjo even averred to have woken up in the mortuary and demanded to drink water, a request to which he said a mortician hit him with a stick and he died a second time.

“When I asked for the water, the mortician told me that I should go back to sleep because all of my friends are sleeping,” Kwadjo told a Ghananian radio station, Peace FM.

Kwadjo’s wife, Gifty Annor, testified the former died and was buried, but appeared a month after. A leader at the Divine Church of Jesus, Godwin Abui, who accompanied Kwadjo Peter to the radio  station, corroborated Annor.  Abui said he even paid his last respect to the dead-turned-living man at Akusu, where he was interred into the earth. Similar story was shared by Kwadjo Ebenezer, the strange man’s brother.

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