Edo Cult Groups Warn Politicians Against Using Them As Political Thugs  

A group of confraternities, named the Rainbow Coalition, in Auchi, Edo State, have warned politicians against using its members for sinister purposes in their bids to win elections.

In a communiqué it issued, the coalition revealed politicians are trying to induce their members and divide their ranks to achieve their selfish political ambitions.

"Members of the coalition engage in various acts of shameful negotiation with these politicians running into millions of naira in some cases, with the promise to deliver them in their elections,” the communiqué read in part.

For the reason, the coalition’s Council of Heads of Confraternity said it disbanding its Edo North chapter, and promised to set up  a “non-partisan and truly functional” body.

"The council of heads shall in the interim assume the responsibilities of the Rainbow Coalition for a period of not more than six months while planning the inauguration of a new Rainbow Coalition."

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