Falana Frowns At Suspects’ Media Trials, Police Killings

Human Rights lawyer Femi Falana, on Tuesday, at a press briefing in Lagos, asked the police to show prosecutorial evidences of over 500 criminal suspects it paraded before journalists in 2014. Falana, a senior advocate, suspected many of the suspects might have been extra-judicially killed by the police because their whereabouts are unknown. He said a personal investigation confirmed his suspicion. Falana said "after the police may have paraded them before the press, and sentenced them to media trial, you will hear nothing about it. Some of them may have been extra judicially killed.” He dared the police to name the courts where the suspects were being tried and the stages their trials. The lawyer said why he did not want to be construed as justifying criminality, Falana advised the police to align its activities with global best practices, which does not include media trials of arrested suspects. He cited acts of extra-judicial killings and fatal accidental discharges from police rifles as some of the alibis why some of the public resort to self-help and jungle justice.

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