FG summons Indonesian Ambassador over Execution Of Two Nigerians For Drug Running

Ambassador Aminu Wali, Minister of Foreign Affairs, has summoned the Indonesian Ambassador to Nigeria in protest over the execution of two Nigerians,  Solomon  Okafor (Alias Namaona Denils) and Daniels Enemuo (Alias Diarrassoube Mamadou) found guilty of drug trafficking by the government of the Asian country. The summon, newbreak.ng also learnt, is to avert a similar fate befalling 12 other Nigerians already on death row in Indonesia.

The Nigerians were executed for drug offences alongside two women, each from Indonesia and Vietnam, two Brazilians, and one Dutch national.

In a statement on Sunday in Abuja, Ogbole Amedu Ode, Director, Public Communication Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said the Nigerians were executed despite strident pleas for clemency made by the Federal Government and the National Assembly.

“The executions had taken place against the grain of the excellent relations that subsist between Nigeria and Indonesia,” the statement noted.

While extending its sympathy and condolences to the families of the deceased, the federal government however cautioned Nigerians against drug trafficking as it attracts the capital punishment in Indonesia and many other countries.

The Federal Government, however, said it would continue to engage the Indonesian authorities to negotiate and conclude a Prisoner Transfer Agreement that will enable Nigerians in Indonesian prisons to return home to serve their prison terms.

“Thus, the ​F​oreign ​M​inister has summoned the Indonesian Ambassador to register Nigeria’s protest.

“Meanwhile, it strongly appeals, once again, to the Indonesian authorities to exercise clemency for other 12 Nigerians on the death row in the country.”

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