I’ll Recover Government Assets Illegally Acquired By APC Leaders – Agbaje  

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Jimi Agbaje, Lagos State Peoples Democratic Party's gubernatorial candidate, has vowed to take back government property illegally acquired by leaders of the All Progressives Congress if he is elected governor. In an interview with published in the Friday edition of Vanguard, Agbaje said Lagos State is in the grip of vested interests, a situation that has ensured that the best conceived programmes of the government  are botched. "In Lagos, you may find good programmes on paper, but you will see that the implementation is being affected by vested interests...The BRT is not working again because there are vested interest factors involved. It pays the vested interest to do commercial housing than to do housing for the people. We have a vested interest that is affecting the social, economic and political life of the state," he said.

The vested interests, he added have illegally acquired government property, which he has vowed to retrieve if he becomes governor. "The property acquired by vested interests, the ones we can take back, we will take back. Those ones that have been acquired illegally and cannot be properly accounted for, we will take back. The ones that we cannot take back and taken away that the people have been shortchanged will be addressed," he promised.

While admitting that some progress has been made under the All Progressives Congress-led government in the state, Agbaje, however, said the state has no had full value for the resources it has expended because of vested interests.

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