Indonesia To Execute Nigerian, 5 Others For Drug Offences

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Indonesian authorities has said a Nigerian and five other people from other countries will be executed on Sunday after being convicted of drug offences, the government said, the first time capital punishment will be carried out under new President Joko Widodo.


The identity of the Nigerian was not disclosed, while the others are from Malawi, Vietnam, the Netherlands and Brazil.

The planned executions were announced by the Indonesian Attorney General's Office. Widodo, who took office in late October, signed off on the executions last month. He pledged no clemency for drug offenders, despite pleas from the European Union (EU) the Brazilian government and Amnesty International.
"Indonesia's new government took office on the back of promises to improve respect for human rights, but carrying out these executions would be a regressive move," said Rupert Abbott, a Southeast Asia Research Director for Amnesty International.
EU foreign policy Chief Federica Mogherini said the planned executions were "deeply regrettable" and urged Indonesia to establish a moratorium on the death penalty. Indonesia resumed executions in 2013 after a five-year gap.
Widodo has taken a strong stance on the rule of law, not only on drugs but also on corruption and maritime law.

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