Jackie Chan’s Son Sentenced For Drugs


Jaycee, Jackie Chan's arrested for possessing marijuana in August have been  convicted on drug charge in China. Ironically, Jaycee's father, Jackie, was named anti-drugs ambassador in China in 2009.
The younger Chan is to spend six months in prison, as a Beijing court ruled on Friday.
CNN reports say Jaycee Chan pleaded guilty to "hosting others to take drugs," and was fined 2,000 yuan ($320) aside his sentencing.
Jaycee, an actor like his dad, spotted a black sweatshirt and blue pants and listened as the judge read his verdict during the 90-minute trial.
"I committed a crime and deserve to be punished," the court's official microblog quoted him as saying. "It doesn't mean I have received mercy and forgiveness -- I hope to earn them with my future actions."
The police said Jaycee was handed a lienient sentence because he cooperated with the police.

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