Jonathan Calls NADECO Chieftains Hypocrite, Promises 2 Million Jobs

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President Goodluck Jonathan at a campaign rally in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, threw diatribe at some former chieftains of the National Democratic Coalition, NADECO, calling them hypocrites.
His reason being that the affected erstwhile NADECO chieftains can't justify their current actions with what they professed in the past.
"I did say that the South-West reminds one of the days of National Democratic Coalition. But I am convinced that some of the NADECO actors were hypocrites because they cannot justify what they are doing today," he said.
While Jonathan shied from naming who the hypocrites were, he said “The South-West believes in human rights and social justice. No South-Westerner will pray that someone, going through proper trial, will be jailed for 300 years and above. If they are not hypocrites, they couldn’t be doing what they are doing today but I don’t want to go into that now. If they are not hypocrites, they will not be talking about not empowering women."
Jonathan urged women from the zone to vote the PDP, which he said would ensure they are liberated and not sanctioned to the kitchen.
The president also promised to invest more in education, saying such is a veritable change vehicle.
"Without education, you cannot change the people. If I did not go to school, I will not be where I am today. Every Nigerian child must have the Goodluck opportunity; that is why we are building out-of-school-children secondary schools and Almajiris schools in some parts of Nigeria.
“I will not build prison for you, but I will build schools for you, " the president said.
He promised to create two million jobs yearly if re-elected into office.
On corruption, Jonathan some Nigerians had been jailed by his government for corrupt practices, but stated it had not solved the problem.
Rather, the president said corruption would be solved through deployment of modern technology

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