Man Put Son’s Car On Sale Because ‘It’s A Dustin On Wheels’


A 50-year British man has listed his son's car on auction website, eBay. Nigel Stewart-Stone, from Devon, is fed up with his 19-year-old son, Dalton’s lack of care for the car that he listed it on eBay under the heading: “Who would buy it?”
His advert makes an apology for the decrepit state of the black Renault Clio, admitting it has dents caused by his son climbing on it to get into their home.
Nigel further reveals that the front passenger seat no longer moves back and forward because of “girls being taken for rides”.
He claims the car is perfect for any teenage boy because “it will save them all the time and effort that my son has put into getting it this way”.
Nigel adds that he is selling the car because his son has a new one – “which will be coming up for sale in a similar state in years to come”.
He signs himself off as a “devoted father with much patience” and warns anyone daft enough to buy the car that it has “absolutely no warranty”. Incredibly, it has attracted 33 bids, reaching a price of £101 with five days of the auction left.
His advert reads: "This car belonged to my 19-year-old son. I can only apologise for the state of it.
“The clutch is slipping. He did not know this, as he could not hear it for the loud music.
"There may or may not be oil and water in the car.
"He said he ‘would know if it needed oil, as a red light would come on’.
Despite me telling him to maintain it, he thought this meant sitting in the drive listening to music.
“There may be the odd ripple in the bonnet.
The driver’s seat has a hole in it. The rear of the car is a large dustbin and is not for passengers.”
Nigel explained that he wrote the advert after the car packed up. "
My son is an estate agent so needed something nice to go to work in.
“I thought, ‘Who is really going to buy it?’ It’s just typical of a teenager. When we bought it there was nothing wrong with it.
“I have had so many text messages and emails. I find it really amusing.”

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