New Issue Of Charlie Hebdo Sells For Over £500 on eBay

The new edition of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, is already fetching huge sums on eBay in Britain – as the print run of three million sells out on Paris newsstands.
Bidding reached £500 for one copy of the magazine, with others paying £100 per copy for issues shipped from France by the same eBay seller.
A seller in Gloucester said: ‘I have a small supply of the Charlie Hebdo magazines available that I can post out Friday 16th January from the UK, these are the special edition with Mohamed depicted that has been released due to the recent tragic events.’
In France, newsstands in Paris have been reported as selling out, as customers queue to buy the special edition, published one week after a gunmen shot dead ten of its staff and two police officers.
In an act of defiance, the front cover features a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed crying while holding a ‘Je suis Charlie’ sign.
The edition – which has been released in a number of languages – contains provocative illustrations, including one where two terrorists are seen ascending to heaven and asking:‘Where are the 70 virgins?’
The slain Charlie Hebdo staff are enjoying an orgy in the background.
Part of an editorial reads: ‘For the past week, Charlie, an atheist newspaper, has achieved more miracles than all the saints and prophets combined.
‘The one we are most proud of is that you have in your hands the newspaper that we always made.’
Pictures have emerged of people in France queuing outside newsagents in the early hours of this morning to get their copy of the magazine.

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