Norwegian Police Fine Hired Assassin For Not Killing Target

HandgunNorwegian police have fined a 21-year old boy £850 because he offered to carry out a contract killing with no intention of fulfilling his promise.
The bizarre case involves a man who agreed to take cash to kill a 17-year-old girl.
He was paid by another 21-year-old, who said he wanted the teenager dead because he had rejected his romantic advances.
Fortunately, police busted the plot before anyone came to harm.
But they were unable to prove the alleged hitman had any intention to complete his task, and so could only charge him with fraud.
His client, who ordered the killing, was sentenced to two years in prison but most of this has been suspended because he confessed.
He claims to have paid £5,150 for the job but the fraudster said he received only £3,500.

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