Paris Massacre: Shots Fired At Dammartin-en-Goule

Shots have been fired and there are reports of a hostage being taken as French police close in on suspects linked to the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Several people are said to have been wounded at Dammartin-en-Goele, 35km from Paris, but officials denied reports of deaths.

Negotiations between the gunmen and police are now under way, reports say. The development comes nearly 48 hours after the attack on the magazine's office, when 12 people were shot dead. The heavily armed gunmen fled Paris by car after the attack.

A convoy of police vehicles has been seen heading by motorway to Dammartin-en-Goele. It's a dramatic scene. The area around the small town of Dammartin is rapidly filling up with thousands of French police and anti-terror forces. Several Puma helicopters are hovering over the area. Hundreds of police cars and armoured vehicles have arrived. Press were rapidly moved on from the area warning of danger to onlookers.

Huge convoys of police line the main N2 highway. There are now reports of flights being cancelled at nearby Charles de Gaulle airport.

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