PDP’s Agbaje Asks For Debate On Background, Ideas  

[caption id="attachment_4189" align="alignleft" width="400"]Agbaje Agbaje[/caption]

Jimi Agbaje, the Peoples Democratic Party governorship candidate for Lagos State, has challenged his co-contestants on “whose background, ideas and style of leadership is needed to move this State to greater heights”. Agbaje on his Facebook wall described such as “healthy” and “the beauty of our evolving democracy”.

Agbaje averred that his plan far presents citizens of the state the reality of better life than the other contestants. He asked voters to ponder who among the contestants has a plan that “articulates my interests and dreams as well as that of my family?” and which offers them “a chance to get ahead in life - which could be to start a business, or attend and complete school with the possibility of getting a job, or to access better healthcare for you and your loved ones, or to be simply treated with dignity as a human being?”

Agbaje – once a member of the defunct Action Congress, AC, and, the 2007 governorship candidate of the Democratic Peoples Alliance, DPA – said restate his promise “to leap-frog Lagos into a world-class Mega-City”. He promised better welfare, care for the elderly, attention to education and vocational skills and entrepreneurship, among other things.

He urged his supporters to download an online copy of his manifestoes and share with others.

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