Ryan Giggs Has Not Apologised For Having Sex With My Wife-Younger Brother


Ryan Giggs' younger brother, Rhodri Giggs, has opened up on the former Manchester United star's devastating eight-year affair with his ex-wife, Natasha.
Rhodri revealed that Ryan came to see him six weeks after the news of the affair came to light, but they haven't spoken since then.
Speaking on television on Wednesday, Rhodri said the former Manchester United star told him the affair was only ever about sex, but he never tried to make amends or offer an apology.
When asked if it would be better to resolve it privately rather than talking about it on TV, the 37-year-old replied: "If my brother tried to make amends, I wouldn’t be here today. "Of course I’d like to try and bridge the gap. I've given up hope on speaking to him."
He said it was impossible to try and make the marriage work, but now he's finally moved on.
"I’ve got a young child and a beautiful girlfriend. I’ve moved on," he said.
Rhodri revealed he grew suspicious of the affair in 2008 after discovering texts on Natasha's phone on a night out in Manchester, but it wasn't confirmed until Natasha's mum and sister turned up on his doorstep with the newspaper the day the story broke, despite the ex-Welsh international had taken out a gagging order on newspapers to prevent his name being revealed. It later emerged that Ryan, whose wife Stacey stood by his side, allegedly gave Natasha money to terminate their unborn baby - while she was preparing to tie the knot to Rhodri in 2010.
The news of the affair destroyed the family, with Rhodri telling the hosts: "I don’t speak to my family and my family don’t speak to me. They speak to my sister, but that’s it."

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