Turkish Government Threatens To Ban Twitter

The Turkish government has threatened to ban Twitter if it refuses to block the account of Halkin Gazetesi BirGun Newspaper. A court order was issued in Adana on last Thursday ordering news organisations to stop reporting on a military police raid on security service trucks destined for Syria in 2014. Social Media Site Twitter Debuts On The New York Stock Exchange

It claimed the trucks were filled with weapons for extremists to use against the Syrian regime. The Turkish government strongly denied this, saying the vehicles were carrying humanitarian aid. The government argued in court that revealing details of the police raid would damage national security. Twitter, Facebook and Google complied by removing posts relating to the documents.

But Halkin Gazetesi BirGun has continued to publish details of the raids on its Twitter account, and the government wants the account to be shut down.

Twitter has refused, but is censoring some of the account's tweets. Spokesman Nu Wexler said to skynews.co.uk: "Out of the almost 60,000 tweets on the account, Twitter withheld access in Turkey to the small number of tweets that discussed the national security issue referenced in the order. We continue to work diligently to protect the rights of our users and preserve access for millions of Twitter users in Turkey."



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