We Kill For N300,000, Assassins Tell Police

[caption id="attachment_3847" align="alignleft" width="360"]The suspects.  Photo credit: Punch The suspects.
Photo credit: Punch[/caption]

Four suspected assassins have told the Police in Lagos that they were paid N300,000 to kill a visiting Nigerian based in London. The suspects are Salami Afeez, Dare Akinyemi, Fatai Olunje and Taiwo Akinyemi.

One of the suspects, Salami, 23, said they were not professional assassins but were lured by the money promised them.

He said, “The client had not told us who the victim was. What he initially told us was that there was an election operation which we would carry out for a politician. He asked me to get more people to handle it. So, I got the other gang members.

“We planned everything with the client, who we simply refer to as chairman, at a beer parlour on Awawu Street, Mushin. Later on, when we were arrested, we got to know that one of those people we were dealing with was actually a detective.

“It was not that I worked as an assassin. I stay on Mustapha Street, Mushin, with my family where I work as generator repairer. I am also a cult member. I was initiated into the Aiye cult last year October. It was the money that enticed us. The chairman promised to give us N300,000 for the job.”

Salami’s accomplice, Akinyemi, 31, said the operation was to be his first with the gang, stating that he was only a drug dealer.

“I stay in Mushin. I deal in drugs. It was Taiwo who said he had a group which wanted to carry out a lucrative operation, and I should be a part of it. I told them that I don’t indulge in armed robbery, but they promised me a huge part of the money.

“On the day we were arrested, we were about collecting the N300,000 payment. Taiwo and I went to a hotel lounge in Mushin, and that was where the police arrested us. I have never killed before. This is my first time. We intended to spend the money for Christmas.”

The police named Olunje, 43, as the gang’s amourer. Olunje,a native of Ilorin, Kwara Sate, worked as a local security man and bought the guns in 2006 without a licence.

The fourth suspect, Kareem, 37, also from Kwara State, claimed he was deceived into believing their client, known as chairman, was a well-to-do politician.

Three rifles and a locally-made gun were recovered from the suspects.

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