We Will Throw Out The Queen – British Party Vows


Britian’s Green Party has as it plans the abolishment of the age-long British monarchy, among other policies.
Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader, in an interview with the Times said the royal family would he removed from Buckingham Palace, while the queen would be sheltered in a council house.



The party, which hopes to win three seats in the senate when election calls, has gained some popularity in recent times.
A Green government in the short term would impose a string of new taxes, ramp up public spending to unprecedented levels and decriminalise drugs, brothels and membership of terrorist groups.
In the long term, they want to fundamentally change life in the country.
Bennett said government policy should be refocused towards quality of life instead of economic growth.
“Even the people who invented GDP said it’s a lousy tool for progress. The age of significant growth is over. We need to look at human measures now, not profits, but a better quality life,” Bennett stated.

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