Why Hisbah Police Arrested Us – Gay Suspect

Faruk Maiduguri, who is among the 12 men accused and detained by Hisbah Police, for participating in a “gay wedding,” in Kano State, Tuesday has given reasons for their ordeal.

Hisbah is a kind of Islamic police force responsible for monitoring observation of the Sharia codes.

While putting up a defense, Maiduguri said: “It was my birthday party; not a gay wedding, we were targeted by the Hisbah because we ‘looked and acted feminine.”

Confirming the arrest and detention of the suspects, Aminu Daurawa head of the Hisbah, told AFP: “We have 12 men in custody, including the bride. We arrested them at the venue of a planned gay wedding.”

Daurawa said they were able to apprehend the suspects based on a tip-off, “We got information of the wedding four days earlier and our men stormed the venue while the wedding was about to start,” he informed.

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