You, Not Your Generation Failed Nigeria – Fashola Bombs Jonathan

[caption id="attachment_3379" align="alignleft" width="400"]Fashola Fashola[/caption]

Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola, on Tuesday, scoffed at President Goodluck Jonathan’s comment that his generation had failed Nigerians.  Speaking at a town hall meeting, organised by the State Ministry of Transportation, Fashola said he would rather the president accounted for himself as the failed one, since they are both within the same age bracket. Fashola said “he should account for himself. I refuse to be part of the generation the President is referring to. He is in his 50s, I am also in my 50s. But I don’t want to join that generation because my own generation has not failed; I have done well on my job and I am proud to say so. If he has failed, let him account for himself, he should not include us.”

Fashola said Jonathan rather than admit he has failed is pointing accusing fingers at others. The governor said the security of the country would constitute the debate on next month’s election. Fashola expressed sadness at how Nigerians in the northeast region have become refugees because government was unable to tackle book haram.

He said, “Instead of telling you how he plans to secure the nation, our president was telling you they tried to kill him four years ago and we did not know. That is a serious national security issue because nobody wants our Commander-in-Chief dead. If anybody tries to kill him, we should have known. And if I was Commander-in-Chief, and the person who tries to kill me is in a South African jail, I will ask that he should be repatriated to Nigeria to face punishment.”

Also at the event, transport unions one after the other endorsed as Fashola’s successor the All Progressives Congress governorship candidate, Akinwunmi Ambode, who also was present.

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