Yuguda Blames Top PDP Members For Jonathan’s Attack In Bauchi

Bauchi State Governor Isa Yuguda has blamed the attack on President Goodluck Jonathan while in the state on top Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, members opposed to him, and not on the All Progressives Congress. Yuguda told the BBC Hausa Serviice in an interview.
Jonathan’s campaign at the Ibrahim Babangida Square was intermittently disrupted as police battled some youth, who threw shoes, plastic water bottles and other objects at the podium where the president and members of his campaign team were. Yuguda’s statement may have cleared the air about an attack earlier blamed on the APC.
“The attack was organized by some of our top party chieftains who are from the state and reside in Abuja. They staged this disgraceful action of the youth,” the governor said in Hausa. However, Yuguda did not mention names of the top party chiefs. The governor said they masterminded the attack to embarrass him and give the president he was uncapable of minding the affairs of the state he governs.

“This attack is an insult to the Emir of Bauchi and myself, the Governor of Bauchi State, just to ridicule us before President Goodluck. Jonathan who visited the state and paid homage to the emir,” he said.

“The President, as the guest of the Emir and people of Bauchi State, deserved to have been treated with respect and dignity, in line with Islamic religious tenets, which the majority of people hold, but the broom-carrying and misdirected youth, in a despicable manner, behaved irresponsibly as the presidential convoy passed by.”

Yuguda wondered why a simialr visit by President Jonathan to opposition governed Kano State did not attract such humuliation if not that the Bauchi’s was sabotaged.

“Mr President paid similar visit to Kano State which is a stronghold of the opposition and an APC state, but yet the President moved round the city freely, visited Emir of Kano, and nothing of such happened. Why Bauchi State?” he said.

“They want to show the president that I am nobody in the state that I am governing.”

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