Police Kill 13 Armed Robbery Suspects

Thirteen men suspected of planning to rob a bank in Brazil have been shot dead by police, while three others and a police officer were also injured in the shootout in Salvador.
"A group of 30 men was planning to rob a bank branch," the Bahia State headquarters of the military police said.
Police reportedly arrived as the would-be robbers were setting up explosives next to the Automated Teller Machine (ATM).
Bahia public security secretary Mauricio Barbosa defended Friday's operation."The police must act with severity, they must be tough. They can't do it arbitrarily, of course, but they must act firmly," Barbosa told skynews.
But rights activist Rafael Custodio said Brazilian police have a "war mentality".
"The police are applauded for bringing in bodies," the lawyer with rights group Conecta said.

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