Woman steals 3-month old baby because she admires her

Gavel and sound blockFaustina Arthur, 28, says she stole a three-month old baby, Faith Nyamekye, because she admires her. Reports state the baby's mother visited her husband in his store at Wasa Akropong Township of Ghana and entrusted the baby in his brother-in-law's care to buy some items from a market. At the time, the accused - a mother-of-two - sat opposite the store and voluntarily offered to helped look after the toddler, a request the mother granted. Upon her return, the baby's mother realised Arthur had vanished with her child. She reported the matter to the police who launched a manhunt for Arthur. She was eventually arrested and arraigned before a Tarkwa circuit court. The accused, a seamstress apprentice, owned to the crime and confessed her admiration force her to kidnap her. She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years imprisonment in hard labour.

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