Pastor Sacks Elderly Church Member For Not Paying Tithe

A elderly female church member has had her membership terminated by her church for failing to pay tithes.The termination was announced via a letter addressed to her, a development that has made her family livid. Signed by the head of the church, Reverend Derek Mike, Senior pastor of First African Baptist Church in Bainbridge Georgia, USA, the letter indicated that the woman, Josephine King is no longer a member of the church because she violated its policy on consistent financial support, and physical participation in church activities and functions. The letter, published by, goes on to say that the pastor has removed her from active status and suspended her as an active member because it’s within his authority to do so.

The letter reads:

“This is to certify that you Josephine King has shown Non support for First African Baptist Church in Bainbridge, Georgia and are in violation of the policy 3 membership section 1. Josephine King has shown non support in the area of consistent and constant financial and physical participation with church activities and functions. It has been properly documented that because of this constant and consistent non support, The First African Baptist Church of Bainbridge, Georgia in conjunction with Derek Mike pastor whom has been giving full charge of all administrative, executive, and pastoral decisions on behalf of First African Baptist Church of Bainbridge, Georgia does implement the following actions: removal from active status or what is considered the in the Missionary Baptist Church as suspension of active membership.”

The niece of the elderly member who was kicked out of the church said the following on her Facebook page. “The problem is our elders are a marginalized and often abandoned group so it’s easy to pick on them and mistreat them or so he thought,” wrote Simone Pitts.


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