Priest Defends Wife-snatching over Husband’s Impotence

cheatingspouseA Zimbabwean local priest, Madzibaba Batsirai, says he has no scruple snatching his neighbour’s wife, adding the husband is impotent.

Madzibaba says the husband, Phineas Koma, “failed to manage his family and was not satisfying his wife with everything”.

The priest says he and the woman, Margret Chanaiwa Matanhire, 33, “have been in love for some time and she is now my second wife although my first wife is against it”.

Phineas stated that Matanhire always told him she was having a special prayer at Madzibaba’s shrine. The distraught husband said he discovered text messages Matanhire and the priest exchanged over a period of three years. He said his wife has a secret phone, with numbers similar to the priest’s and suggesting they might have bought the lines the same time.

There are doubts over whether Phineas is the father of the three children Matanhire had for him. Phineas said the priest confessed being responsible for the 'bun in the oven' (suggesting a pregnancy Matanhire was carrying).

He lamented his wife had made him the butt of jokes among his friends and workmates.

Upon discovering the affair, Phineas said “I failed to stomach this and ordered her to pack her belongings and she is now living with Madzibaba Batsirai somewhere in Glen View 1”.

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