4 Native Doctors Throw Snake At Police To Evade Arrest For Alleged Fraud

ejo 2Four native doctors facing arrest for alleged fraud evaded it by throwing a snake at policemen, who were scared of being bitten. The native doctors had been reported by a student to the police. The student alleged that he had duped of a huge sum.

According to Uganda's Daily Monitor, officers at the Kasese Central Police were left battling with a live Erycinae snake, commonly known as Sand Boa, when they went to Kidodo village to make an arrest.

It is reported that the four suspected witch doctors threw the snake at the officers before two of the suspects ran off.

“We managed to convince the remaining suspects to catch their snake with the promise of not getting arrested. After the snake was placed in a bag, we arrested the suspects and took them to the police station together with the snake.

"Police have managed to recover Shs500,000 from the suspects and paid it back to the victim,” The officer in charge of criminal investigations department, Mr. Richard Ssuna, was quoted as saying.

The charge of obtaining money by false pretence has been dropped, but the native doctors have been charged with possession of a protected wildlife species.



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