African Lovers Arrested In UAE For Throwing Six-week old Baby Into The Sea


The police in Sharjah, one of the emirates in the United Arab Emirates have arrested an Ethiopian housemaid accused of killing her six-week-old baby and dumping his body in the sea before it washed up ashore last week.

Police said week they found the body crammed inside a box, which was tied to a brick by the maid and her friend in a bid to get rid of the dead body.

Newspapers said investigation led to the identity of the mother and her whereabouts in Ajman, where she was arrested in coordination with police.

The maid confessed of killing her son with the help of another maid after she was impregnated by her Ethiopian boyfriend, who was also arrested in Dubai.

Police said the maid was also found to be violating labour and immigration law after absconding from her local employer to work for another Emirati.

“She confessed to killing her baby with the help of her friend. She said they tied the box to a brick in order to sink the body and get rid of it,” ‘Emarat Al Youm’ daily said.

It quoted police as saying the man admitted to having an affair with the maid, but denied he was involved in the murder.


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