Appointment: Arewa Youth, Ezeife Blast Buhari

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Yerima Shettima, president, Arewa Youths Consultative Forum; former governor of old Anambra state, Chukwuemeka Ezeife, and few other Nigerians have deplored President Muhammadu Buhari’s Thursday’s appointments into his cabinet. The appointments are seen to be lopsided in favour of the north. 

Shettima told the Vanguard that “It is unfortunate the way the situation is, because one becomes worried. We must be seen to be nationalistic than being sectionalised. I am beginning to feel uncomfortable because the complaint is that the appointments are seen to be lopsided. I also do not think that is the intention of the government. However, no matter how we pretend, the reality is that things are not done in the right way.”

Shettima reasoned the appointments of the government should reflect “true federalism and federal character” and that “it should go round”.

The exclusion of a South-eastern person from Buhari’s appointment is why former Anambra governor, Ezeife, is miffed.

“I do not know the rationale behind those appointments. No South-East person is in those appointments. So I am not interested,” Ezeife stated.

On his part, former police chief, Abubakar Tsav, also perceived the appointment as sectional.

“I see the appointments as lopsided. Nigeria is too big to have majority of the appointees from one section of the country.  We have competent people in every part of Nigeria. For that reason, he (Buhari) should spread the appointments to every part of Nigeria”, Tsav said.

“If he  (Buhari) is looking for honest people, there are honest people in every part of Nigeria, just as we have dishonest people in every part. Most Nigerians voted for him, even those who did not vote for him are his subjects and he is bound to carry every one along”.


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