Buhari Decorates Service Chiefs, Urges Them To Crush Boko Haram In 3 Months


President Muhammadu Buhari Thursday decorated service chiefs with new ranks, urging a greater dedication and re-professionalisation of the armed forces.  He also tasked the officers, comprising army, navy and air force to end the anti-insurgency war in three months.  

“You are all aware of the various security challenges facing our nation. These challenges include the activities of Boko Haram terrorists, armed banditry, kidnapping and militancy of various forms, to mention a few”, the president told the service chiefs.
 He added that “The activities of these misguided groups and individuals have resulted in wanton destruction of lives and property of our citizens as a disruption of social economic lives of millions of Nigerians. 
 “The increasing incidence of attacks and destruction perpetrated by these insurgents have led to the deployment of various instruments of national power in a bid to contain their activities and restoring law and order in every part of the country.
“Rightly, the armed forces have been in the vanguard of the fight against terrorism.“While commending the efforts of the armed forces so far, you need to brace up and continue to team up with other stakeholders to come up with a well-coordinated joint effort which will bring a desired end to these insurgencies within three months.”

 The president reminded the chiefs of his foreign travels in a bid to build global support against Boko Haram. “These efforts, which include establishment of the Multi National Joint Task Force, should be complemented by you. You should therefore re-professionalise your force and give your troops creditable training so that they can perform their job creditably.“You should also ensure that they abide by the newly enforced rules and regulations of international standards while carrying out their assigned tasks. In particular you must protect innocent civilian in the theatre of conflicts.

 “This, no doubt, will earn you the support of local communities and the respect of our allies and support of international community. Get back to work and make Nigerians proud.”
 The president was joined by vice president Yemi Osinbajo, top officials and spouses of the decorated chiefs at the ceremony which held inside the council chamber of the presidential villa. 
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