Buhari Should Allow ‘Illegal’ Petroleum Refineries – Oil-Owning Communities

[caption id="attachment_11475" align="alignleft" width="360"]An illegal refinery An illegal refinery[/caption]

Obiuwevbi Ominimini, chairman, Oil Producing Area Association of Nigeria, OPAAN, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari, to allow local refineries operating in the creeks of the Niger Delta areas and other places they may be. His justification for the call: Ominimini says it is needful since the federal government cannot produce the required volume of crude oil needed for local consumption. In his statement, titled “The Need to Legalise Local refineries in Nigeria”, issued on Sunday, Ominimini, also urges the federal government to stop dismantling the illegal refineries, but formulate a legal framework for their operation. If legalised, Ominimini, says it would spout mini refineries for the production of diesel and other petroleum products, create job opportunities for youths and increase gross domestic products, GDP. He adds that it would reduce criminality and crude oil theft in the country.

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