Calabar Mob Burns Boy Alive For Stealing Pot Of Soup

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A mob in Calabar, the capital of Cross River state, was reported Sunday to have lynched and burnt a boy alive for stealing a pot of soup. The unnamed boy, according to Vanguard, entered into the woman’s residence, at 3, Mayne Avenue Extension in Calabar South, early Sunday morning and made away with the soup, which was on a stove burner.

The woman’s neighbour purported saw the boy and his accomplices, and raised an alarm. Other occupants of the house were reported to have given the fleeing boys a hot chase, but only caught up with the victim. He was said to have held on the hot pot while running. The mob was said to have cut him severally with machete before putting a light to his mangled body. The boy’s corpse was said to still be beside the fence of a school, Atu Secondary School, located in the area, as at Sunday evening.

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