‘Chad Kills 10 Boko Haram Members By Firing Squad’

Chadian-soldiersChad has killed 10 Boko Haram members by firing squad, following their sentencing a day before on terrorism charges, Reuters quoted security sources for the story. 

"They were shot this morning at the Massaguet firing range," said one of the sources, referring to a city about 60 km (40 miles) northeast of the capital N'Djamena.

Among the executed was Mahamat Moustapha, a 30-year-old Cameroonian who was accused of masterminding a series of attacks on N'Djamena.

More than 40 people were killed in those attacks in June and July, prompting Chadian President Idriss Deby to introduce a series of tough new anti-terror laws.

Source Reuters


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