Church To Give Insights Into ‘Dreams’, Offers Medical Help At Crusade

[caption id="attachment_11311" align="alignleft" width="400"]Ayodele Ayodele[/caption]

A Lagos-based church, Inri Evangelical Mission, has fixed for Friday “a powerful night crusade aimed at giving insights into dreams”. Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, the church’s founder and officiating minister, said “people who are bothered by occurrences or strange appearances in their dreams will have the opportunity to get interpretations to them” at the crusade.

“It is not about me; I am just God’s messenger, but the King of Kings will interpret people’s dreams for them on that day and give them insights into their lives journeys”, he stated.

“The crusade does not exclude people suffering other spiritual problems”.

 Ayodele also said the church is offering medical help to attendees of the crusade.

“We have arranged for people to seek medical advice and have themselves tested for eye problem, diabetes, hypertension and other ailments debilitating the health of average Nigerians. We will also be gifting them free drugs.

“This is something the church does regularly. We have a separate ministry for catering for widows, orphans and people with special needs because charity and spiritual healing are the bedrock of our church,” Ayodele stated.

He said the medical help is fixed for 5 pm at the crusade ground, located at Ore Ofe Nursery and Primary School, (Local Government Primary School), Oja Bus Stop, Egbe in Lagos. The church says the crusade begins at 10 pm.   

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