Convict Sentenced To Life Jail Claims His “Rights Are Breached” 40 Years After

Charles-BronsonA notorious convict, Charles Bronson, serving a life sentence says he is Britains Number 1 forgotten prisoner  in a letter written from prison. Bronson, 62, has spent 40 years in jail and complains his human rights are being breached by his continuing jailing in HMP Wakefield, West Yorks. He claims he is 13 years over his tariff for possible release.

The hard man, known for attacking people in jail, has spent 40 years behind bars — 36 years of that in solitary confinement.

He has enjoyed just four months and nine days out of prison since being first convicted in 1974.

He wrote: I am one of the forgotten IPP (indeterminate sentence for public protection) prisoners, left behind after IPP was deemed unlawful in 2012.
Everyone in jail, are allowed certain rights. Especially progress. How can I ever progress whilst I am on CAT A?
I was sentenced to life with a tariff of three years. I am 13 years over that tariff.
I have spent decades, unlawfully held in solitary. I have unlawfully been denied progress. Even the Kray twins were de-categorised to CAT B after 15 years. I have been on it 40 years, this alone stops my progress.
CAT A prisoners are deemed a danger to the state and a danger to the public. My crimes outside, are actually very low grade, they do not warrant or justify a CAT A status.
I am constantly denied my basic human rights…no form of rehabilitation whatsoever. Charles Branson, now known as Charles Salvador, was sentenced for robbery and kidnap.

Bronson has now raged he shouldnt be caged in a solitary unit, or in a Category A jail.

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